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Dalan Hargrave’s signature Gemstar Cut


About Dalan

Dalan Hargrave has been a career goldsmith and lapidary for 40 years with his current focus on developing new gemstone cuts as works of art.

He has received numerous awards over the years for his distinctive and innovative gem cutting.

He currently teaches classes in the lapidary arts as a way of passing on the knowledge he has gained to the next generation of artisans.

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Dalan Hargrave’sSignature Cuts

Celestial City Carvings

Celestial City Carvings are created by Dalan Hargrave to stimulate imagination about a place in the cosmos where anything can exist beyond our limited view.cel3

Spirographix Cut

Spirographix Cuts are complex cuts composed of intersecting lines, arranged in geometric proportions. Much the same way as the American Brilliant cut glass industry from centuries past.

StarLight Cut

StarLight cuts contain a star burst of cut patterns that typically emanate from a central point creating the star burst like appearance. Precisely placed angles reflect the patterns creating a kaleidoscope type effect.